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Welcome To Kenya Ringo.

Ringo was founded in 1959 on the banks of River Vistula in Warsaw, Poland and later registered by Wlodzimierz Stryzewski ‘ Mr Ringo’ at the US copyright office in Washington DC as an international Sport; International Ringo Federation (IRF)


Ringo is an individual and a team sport and at the same time a widely available leisure sport. It is also a method of raising the psychological condition of players as well as promoting friendship. Ringo is a game of friendship and peace used by sports people to relax and boos performance as an asset in helping to develop the most vital element of the creative forces in society


The advantages of Ringo are contained in its rules, which are created to develop the fitness of mind and body and make Ringo available and safe for all.Disregarding the weather, ringo is played outside; on a portable ringo court designed by Wlodzimierz Strzyzewski.It can be played indoors on the volleyball court, using the ringo lines. The court’s surface must be safe, the court lines should be painted in a colour contrasting with the surface. The centre line called “the border of Peace” must not be violated on the ground or in the air – under penalty of a loss of a point.



To become a Ringo champion you need forecast ability of a chase player, tactic and reflection of a fencer, will power of a boxer, speed of a sprinter, Intellectual link of partners, space imagination as a pilot and endurance of a marathon runner. Permanent start and break after catch create active system of interval training. Rule about throwing with catching ensures symmetry of the brain activity and team Ringo competition with two rings simultaneously faster than any other sport improves reflex and space imagination.

Ringo is one of the few games symmetry of the brain in operation an Improvement in the functioning of both hemispheres of the brain, being in fact the cheapest and simplest way of tapping human intelligence resources. To quote professor Wlodzimierz Starosta researcher at the institute of sport in Warsaw, “ Sport in the Elixir of the youth and Ringo is a universal sport, easily available to everyone, Ringo ensures full symmetry of movement and so accelerates the functional development of the brain.” The Name from Acapulco I was in the 1968 Olympic games in mexico with two aims, says the founder of Ringo Wlodzimierz Stryzewski.  First I wanted to participate in the Olympic press games in which I won the nineteenth Olympic medal for Poland for my Radio news report from the fencing finals and second to promote my sport.

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